In-Office Treatment

Here at Fredonia Pediatric Dentistry, we perform a variety of dental procedures in the office. Some of the treatment options include white fillings, extractions, and crowns on primary or baby teeth. We try to find a time of day that is convenient for your schedule and at a time when your child is feeling their best in the day to have a productive and successful appointment leaving your child feeling comfortable and confident for future visits with our office.


Each child is different and unique, therefore our approach to treatment is consistent, however with each individual child’s needs and capabilities at the forefront to provide a healthy and good experience during treatment. Depending on the child’s age, behavior, and and extent of dental work that needs to be accomplished the dentist will discuss the procedure and reason behind the treatment being rendered to help everyone feel at ease prior to treatment being rendered. While we do like to minimize distractions in the operatory, we do invite a parent/guardian to accompany the child during their visit if they feel comfortable doing so. We are interested in promoting a safe and sterile work environment for the patient and staff, so we can provide the best care. Your child will have options of choosing a movie or tv show to watch during their appointment and will be an active part of their treatment. We like to check-in frequently during treatment and explain the steps of the procedure as we perform them to diminish apprehension and extinguish fear during the appointment.

Nitrous Oxide

We find nitrous oxide or informally, laughing gas to be very effective in treating our patients in an in-office setting. Most children enjoy the sensation, and it is well tolerated. It’s considered a safe sedation method. It is important to remember that laughing gas will not put your child to sleep, they will be alert and aware during their visit, It can dull noise and sensation, which promotes calm for the patient during the appointment. After the appointment is complete the nitrous portion of the laughing gas is discontinued and some fresh air or oxygen will help the tingly sensation to go away, so the patient is able to get up from the dental chair and feel back to normal when they leave. We do request that patients refrain from eating approximately 3 hours prior to scheduled in-office treatment because although usually well tolerated, some patients do experience brief, mild nausea as a common side effect. These symptoms subside as soon as it is turned off. There is an additional charge applied for use of nitrous oxide which insurances do not cover. We will notify families of our current fees ahead of time so you can be prepared for the fee if you would like to take advantage of the use of nitrous oxide during your child’s next visit.

Local Anesthetic

Most of our dental procedures do require a numbing agent in order to keep the patient comfortable during treatment. We accomplish this by using a local anesthetic to numb the area we will be working on. The patient will not see the oral injection we use to administer the “sleepy water” or local anesthetic and a flavored topical gel is applied ahead of time to lessen the pinch. We do not put a lot of emphasis on this portion of the appointment to avoid scaring or worrying the child. We are confident that most of our patients will do well with the injection, and we use different methods of distraction during this more challenging part of the visit to help your child to get through it with a smile.

We understand that dental treatment can present a level of anxiety and fear for both parents and patients, so we always encourage families to be open about their concerns and we are more than happy to discuss treatment with you ahead of time in order to alleviate stress and worry associated with any appointments. Please know we are always available by phone to help answer any questions you have.

Sedation Treatment

We find we are very successful and enjoy treating our patients in an in-office setting. At times due to factors such as patient age, extent of dental treatment required or for patient’s with severe dental anxiety, behavioral issues, or special needs we recommend treatment be completed using GA sedation. We coordinate with Oishei Children’s Hospital in Buffalo, NY. If after discussing your child’s treatment needs with the dentist you decide to pursue treatment in this setting our staff will assist you in scheduling the procedure.