Routine Cleanings & Exams

For your child to get a good start with their oral health and maintain good dental habits it is important to start a routineof dental cleanings. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends a dental appointment no later than theirfirst birthday or when they get their first tooth. Every six months to prevent cavities, decay and other dental issues. A dental cleaning typically lasts 30 minutes. We have a family friendly environment, so we invite parents to come back tothe treatment room if they feel comfortable or waiting in our lobby.

Cleaning & Fluoride

During the appointment a licensed and trained dental hygienist will take time with your child to carefully clean and polish your child’s teeth. Because we see patients with different medical, behavioral, and sensitivity needs we treat each child according to their specific needs providing the time and care appropriate for each child as an individual.

In order to help your child’s teeth, remain healthy and strong we offer 2 concentrated fluoride treatment options both come in fun flavors that you can opt to have applied after the dental cleaning.

Digital X-rays

We recommend taking routine digital x-rays as needed at routine cleaning visits. These digital images assist in evaluating spots we cannot see during a basic dental exam, such as areas in between the teeth where decay and cavities can be prone to form. Growth and development x-rays also help us to provide the most comprehensive care in monitoring permanent teeth that are erupting, as well as helping us to evaluate and plan for orthodontic treatment. Digital x-rays use much less radiation than traditional-rays and we use an apron to minimize radiation exposure.

Dental Exam

After we have cleaned your child’s teeth, it is time to meet with one of our specially trained pediatric dentists. The dentist will perform a thorough exam of your child’s teeth and any x-rays that were taken. They will also discuss any issues or decay that they find during the visit. Our doctors will take the time to discuss any specific concerns or questions you might have and are happy to give their professional opinion on ways to keep your child’s teeth healthy and happy.

Aftercare & Gifts

Both the dentist and the hygienists are interested in promoting the best in oral health for your children, so they will make recommendations on how you can create and continue good dental habits based on the age and specific needs of your child. They will also discuss when we can see your child back to address any decay or dental concerns and explain what you can expect at the next visit. We send all of our patients home with a goodie bag full of dental treats to keep teeth clean and healthy until we see you again!

Please fill out our online form and call our office to schedule your child’s routine dental cleaning and exam. We are excited to meet you and your little ones!